Friday, August 3, 2012

Bid Adieu to Bayou Country

The time has come for me to farewell to the place I have called home for the last eleven years. I remember my arrival to Sportsman's Paradise like it was yesterday. I could have flooded the mini airplane with my tears as we landed into the middle of nowhere {or Alexandria as the map informed me}. We just moved from the exotic island of Oahu, Hawaii. I also spent the summer in New York before my move and left behind a multitude of friends and family. Needless to say I despised my new home in Louisiana. Against my will, I started high school and was immediately interrogated about my life as an army brat. These mini FBI agents would eventually become some of the closest friends I've had and still keep in touch with to this day.

Before I knew it, I was applying for colleges and amongst the other acceptance letters from schools like Spelman and Howard University. To the surprise of my family I stayed in-state and made Northwestern State University of Louisiana my Alma mater. My family soon left and I quickly learned to adapt on my own. These would be some of the best times of my life. Taking mini road trips, reveling in Mardi Gras celebrations, and attending all the music and food festivals you could possibly think of. I experienced the metro city life as well as country living. Learned about the culture of the native people whether it be Creole Cajun or Native American. I helped people rebuild their lives when the storm ravaged the only place they knew as home. I loved every minute of it.

 I can point out the best places to hear live music in the state capitol, and take you to the best brunch this side of heaven. I can say "y'all" like the best of them, zydeco (slightly) and will always keep my kitchen in California stocked with Tony Chachere's seasonings. I'm still not a huge fan of eating pounds of boiled crawfish (not crayfish) and possum or other wild game won't be my meat of choice.
I might not be a Bayou baby but Louisiana will always have a special place in my heart.

Laissez les bon temps roulez !!!

Let the good times roll indeed.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Newfound Perspective

Two weeks away from the big move and the butterflies are fluttering rampantly through my stomach. Falling asleep seems impossible on some nights. Tonight is definitely one for the insomniacs. After doing some more packing I ran across a crumpled piece of paper with the all but clever headline "Top 25".  Yes I am guilty of making a to do list of 25 things I wanted to accomplish by the end of my 25th birthday. However, my list has been chopped down to 12 things since I never finished compiling it. Blame it on my constant battle with project termination syndrome.

A lot of the goals felt unobtainable at the time, and made this feel more like a wish list. To my surprise, one year has passed and I have accomplished 1/4 of my list. Now you're probably doing the math in your head and thinking "that's only 3 things accomplished in 12 months". Big whoop! Right?

My finances were unstable, my relationships with friends and family members have gone from one extreme to another and my career hasn't gone in the path I originally planned. I kept trying to look for my cloud's silver lining. Even with my mom and best friend's unwavering optimism my glass was still half empty. Checking off those three bullets was my confirmation that in spite of everything gone wrong I actually did something right.

The trips I took to Vegas, Miami and California (all 3 places were actually on the list) will be some of my best memories I've shared with my best friends. As we grow older we will always have plenty of stories (and pictures) to share of those sunny days and long nights.

I was finally able to buy myself a brand new car. A major expense added to my already strained budget but it has made life much easier in other ways.

Lastly I stuck to my promise and made my own blog. The one you've just stumbled upon.

Small triumphs but triumphs nonetheless.

It appears that someone refilled my glass while I wasn't looking. Now if I can just get to those other eight tasks.....

“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

And So It Begins...

I promised myself that one day I would turn all my witty banter and everyday randomness into an awesome blog, two years later here is my feeble attempt at keeping that promise. I can't divulge every entertaining moment but I can start by sharing some pages in the most exciting chapter of my life thus far. My big move to sunny California! San Diego to be exact.

These next couple of weeks will be filled with bottomless cocktails, tear-filled farewells and all types of summer madness as my time in Louisiana draws to an end. I can't say I am thrilled at the thought of packing in 100 degree weather and taking that two day drive across the country. Yet every time I think of what lies ahead I can't contain my excitement. The type of giddiness you felt as a child on Christmas morning. Instead of running full speed to the Christmas tree, I'm running to a promising future. One filled with it's share of stumbling blocks and lessons to prepare me for greater triumphs. JOIN ME ON THIS JOURNEY! :-)